Wedding Reception Bar Tab

Richard Breen & Lucy Clark

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Melbourne, Australia

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Message From Richard & Lucy

To our friends and family,

Our ambitious hope for our wedding day is for our guests to have as much fun as we do. For all you've done for us, we want to host an evening you won't forget.

We'd love if you would consider contributing to our wedding reception bar tab campaign, in lieu of any gifts.The more money we raise via this platform means more money for us to spend on the night. So, dear friends, in the words of 90s cartoon action hero Captain Planet, the power is yours.

Thanks for being one of our most special people,

Love Richard & Lucy

PS: Special thanks to Ben Richardson for building us this exceptional piece of technology. What a guy.


$2000 - House Wine & Beer

Guests will be offered a selection of house wine, beer & soft drinks.

$3000 - Lux Drinks Package

Access to the full Lux boutique drinks menu and Lucy's personal tea supply.

$4000 - French Champagne

Lux have agreed to supply spirits for the occasion if we make our stretch goal.